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Air Freight

We manage the air transport of cargo to more than 200 destinations worldwide, with specialized consulting, we provide multiple air logistics services.

  • Requirements Verification.
  • Route Evaluation.
  • Consolidation.
  • Charter flights.
  • Transportation Insurance.
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Sea Freight

We process the traffic of merchandise in Full Containers (FCL), Consolidated Containers (LCL) or Break Bulk, through all shipping lines in service.

  • Route Evaluation.
  • Freight Quotes.
  • Requirements Verification.
  • Transportation Insurance.
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Ground Transport

We offer delivery services all over the Dominican Republic and land transportation solutions worldwide through our international network of associated agents.


Special Projects

We coordinate the logistics of projects and shipments with specific requirements to the nature of the merchandise.

  • Heavy Load.
  • Liquid Cargo. 
  • Bulk Cargo.
  • Hazardous Cargo. 
  • Oversized Load. 
  • Rental of Specialized Machinery.


We offer cargo warehousing and other detailed services that maximize the supply chain.

  • Repacking.
  • Cargo Insurance.
  • Cargo Cleaning.
  • Logistic Warehouse. 
  • Cargo Labeling. 
  • Inventory Management.
  • Merchandise Fumigation.
  • Palletization and Depalletization.

Customs Management

We process the necessary requirements for the nationalization of cargo with personalized tariff and tax advice.

  • Documentation Management.
  • Customs Clearance. 
  • Delivery.

Freight Fowarding

To anywhere in the world


of in-house experience

Focus your efforts on the productive activity of your company, we take care of the logistics.

Elevate the customization of your logistic processes with our in-house service. We maximize the synchronization of your supply chain by integrating Dominitrans personnel into your company's operational structure. 

We guarantee the reduction of operational costs by facilitating the internal, timely and specialized management of your needs, from an integral perspective and in total coexistence with your operation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we manage the payment term "freight collect" where the freight of the shipment is paid at destination.

Yes, we process the documentation of the weight to be declared, please note that the verification process has an extra cost.

Yes, we can handle the costs of customs clearance, please note that this process carries an added fee.

Yes, we deliver your shipment information for customs clearance at destination.

Yes, we offer warehousing services through a contracted bonded warehouse.

Yes, at Dominitrans we handle sea freight through all shipping lines in service worldwide.

Yes, through our worldwide network of partner agents we can manage the inland transportation of cargo at international destinations.

No, but we do have Dominitrans representatives available to assist you from the northern region.

Handling time varies according to the customs regime. Once the cargo is available (under normal conditions) the clearance process takes 1 to 3 business days.

Visit the vacancies section on the contact page of our website and follow the instructions.

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